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  • Amazon Consulting
  • Listing creation and optimization of pre-existing listings
  • Managing product reviews and seller feedback
  • Data-driven predictive purchasing and restocking
  • Keyword and SEO optimization
  • AMS/PPC advertising management
  • Enhanced brand content (EBC) & Amazon Storefront Creation
  • Daily management of customer interaction
  • 24/7 price & authorized seller monitoring

With many markets quickly becoming saturated with competition, the only way to stay a step ahead is to combine a great product with a great marketing plan. A critical part of this includes taking control of your brand on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and others. Whether it be monitoring pricing or just trying to keep up with Amazon’s policy changes, managing your brand presence on Amazon is a full-time job and can be a burden for many brands. Most brands don't even think about it until one of their retailers calls to complain about the price an item is available for on Amazon. More than likely every item you sell is on Amazon, sold by many different sellers, at prices that are all over the place. Many of which may be below your MAP policy.


Maybe you have attempted to fix this problem and gave up, or maybe you never started because the task seemed far too time-consuming. This is where we come in, with our proprietary MAP monitoring software we make daily price monitoring simple and actionable. But we don't stop there, partnering with Explosive Branding comes with 100% management of your eCommerce needs.

We handle every aspect of Amazon from A to Z.


We’ve spent years collecting and analyzing data in order to help drive traffic and create huge increases in conversion rates. Let us help alleviate the stress of these online marketplaces while putting more money in your pocket.